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Absentee Hotline: 610-351-5900 Extension 21711

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The elementary school is always locked , and all visitors are required to enter the school through the main entrance.  The Parkland School District has initiated a security protocol, which may require all visitors, including parents, to show identification upon arrival.  Be prepared to show your identification.

After you buzz into the school and enter the school, we ask that you remain in this vestibule area. This vestibule waiting area is where you will:

  • sign in a student if late or returning to school from an appointment
  • sign out a student if he/she is leaving school early
  • drop off papers for the school office
  • drop off forgotten lunches/instruments
  • drop off papers for our PTO
  • pick up your student’s homework
  • pick up your child from the nurse
  • meet the Nurse to drop off medication for your child.

If you have a meeting or a scheduled appointment inside the school, please share that with the school secretary when you first buzz in.  The office staff will then buzz you through a second set of doors to gain entrance into the main office.  It is a possibility you will not gain entrance into the school if no appointment was made, if there is insufficient information regarding the purpose of the visit, or you do not have an acceptable form of ID.

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Elementary Handbook

First page of the PDF file: elem_handbook