Thank you for visiting my web page.  I hope that by the end of your visit, you will have a better understanding of my role as an Elementary Guidance Counselor in the Parkland School District. School Counselors provide a wide range of services to the school community.  Counseling, consultation, coordination, and assessment are the primary delivery methods in an effective school counseling program.

Our school counseling program is designed to provide all students with opportunities and resources to help them reach their goal of becoming contributing members of society.  The counseling program is developmental and systematic in nature and is delivered through large group, small group, and individual experiences.  The Parkland School District Counselors believe in the dignity and worth of all students and are committed to their role as advocates for students in the educational setting.

The following are a few of the services offered by the Elementary School Counselor:

Individual Counseling

Counselors meet with students individually to facilitate their growth and development through the exploration of feelings and concerns related to issues impacting their lives.  Parents and teachers refer students for individual counseling throughout the school year.  Students are also encouraged to stop by the guidance office at any time to make an appointment for some "talking time".

Small Group Counseling

Children in the elementary schools are going through many phases of growth and development.  During these years children normally experience many stresses due to academic demands, social relationships, and typical family issues.

In small group counseling, the counselor works with two or more students at a time, during a 30 minute period for 6-8 weeks.  All groups are held during regular school hours.  Group discussions may be relatively unstructured, or based on structured learning activities.  The goals of the group are to improve problem solving and social skills, as well as to increase self-esteem.

During the group sessions, students will become involved in fun activities such as playing games, drawing, role-playing, reading books, and group discussions.  Students will learn ways of getting along with others, communicating more effectively, controlling their behavior, and resolving conflict.

Classroom Guidance

Large group instruction offers a good opportunity to provide support to the largest number of students in the school.  The school counselor presents lessons that are developmentally appropriate for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Lessons focus on mindfulness, peer relationships, problem solving, decision making, and career exploration

Lunch Bunch

Make your reservation!!!!

Lunch Bunch is  a great way for me to spend time with the students in a very informal, fun way.   I distribute tickets to the teachers the day of the lunch bunch meeting.  Usually there are four students and myself that eat together that day in the guidance office.  The students are encouraged to finish eating prior to recess so they can still get the fresh air they need.

Christine Bankos - Kratzer Guidance

Mrs. Christine Bankos
Guidance CounselorĀ